NInbot Groups

namesort iconimagecreatordescriiptionnumber of users
Hairy Joe^AE80EF64CBA202C826E2310805E426A0BB013777511D84371C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpgwarh137Music1
Famous Blues Numberninbot-cover.jpgdestinatisGroup that plays blues, rock'n'rol and boogie-woogie type music1
The Vibevibe.jpgrydermillermusicA collaberative place for Hip Hop and Rock 1
Belgian Jammersmarcaster52Blues & Jazz Style Impro Group3
Blues FamilyBumblebriceMusique en famille3
Blues Rock - Clapton Hendrix Srv etc ...Logo Blues rock.jpgL o l oOnly Blues Music1
sonicbox positivity squad151976363.jpgKarlPopperya we doin this1
Purely ElectronicreaperDJ_MPLSEverything is digital.4
Beginners learning8b4822c67e417f17eda5090629edaf20.jpgMihalooSharing experience3
TremolosTremolos-CoordinatorChorus group for Parkinson's patients.2
The Don't Need A Babysitter ClubDBZV1Xz.jpgPowaCordSave the drama fo yo mama2
testgrouptomjust a test group1
Ninboters Françaiszzzzzzzz.jpgQuino.StudioLes musikos 3
Culture Reggaeculture reggae_toile.jpgEzeePlay with all the reggae variants ( rockers , oneDrop , steppers etc...)3
Freaky Fridayswirl.jpganonymouseA group for MCs of the monthly Freaky Friday "Theme" Jam1
Country MusicCapture.JPGEnRodageHee Haw3
Jazz Bastardsimages.jpgHooserdaddyBastard Jazzissions6
Moon SongsB.TardioFriends Songs1
Acoustic AmericanaStewmandoAcoustic musicians welcome1
Winterakademiebriandiplecreate an electronic song together online1
Smeg & The Headsdwarf11.jpgHooserdaddyRandom clattering of neo-marxist nihilistic anarchists4
145's & 251's2920387222_eef4c438c0.jpgReverendBassFishBlues Rock & some Jazz 3
MaineWoods mainewoodshangout.jpgmainewoodswww.mainewoods.weebly.com2
Forbidden Planetforbidden_planet.jpgHooserdaddyClassic Sci-Fi, old tube style custom synthesizers, lots of spring reverb, and odd effects of all sorts. Created with today's components!6

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