Get Started Jamming on Ninbot

To get started jamming you'll want to download a client app.

Install the Client Software

To get started you will need to install an audio client
app on your computer. There are several choices.


JamTaba - available on Windows, Mac Osx and Linux. It works as
both an application (standalone), a VST (windows) or an AU (Mac Osx)
Jamtaba Site


Zenjam is a free standalone application which is easy to install and use.
It runs on Windows, OSX and Linux.
Zenjam Page


Reaper - you can connect to NInbot Servers from the the ReNinjam plugin. Reaper also allows for other VSTs to be used with it. Reaper support OSX/Windows.
Reaper Site

About Hardware and Settings...

  • Always use headphones and avoid feedback.
  • On windows make sure you have ASIO drivers enabled for lowest latency
  • Remember local volume level doesnt affect your transmit volume. You may need to turn down a little
  • Try and play with the levels of others in the jam. If everyone is playing quietly try to match your DB levels
  • When first joining turn off Transmit for your local channel so you can get your levels correct and not interupt the current jam.
  • Have fun and remember to read chat

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