Robotics Session 3

Event Date: 
May 30, 2009 5:14pm -0400

The third Robotics Session is coming ;)

I was very happy with the previous ones and I think this could be great.

You don't need to be in the group for entering, just fit into the mind of a Robot :P

Looking forward to meet you there.

From Saturday 30 at 23:00 GMT to Sunday 31 at 02:00

Robotics it's like the

Robotics it's like the soundtrack of a robots film. The story is told by the people playing. I'm not impossing rules on the music, everyone has his/her own idea of what "robotic" means. If I'm not impossing rules no one has the right to do so.

There have been three sessions, all different and all perfectly robotic IMHO.

I have not designed the components of my hardware, nor programmed my software nor a long serie of things and I'm afraid neither you. Everybody works on top of other people's work. So for me it's perfectly valid to play loops, a crunch bass, a triangle or the blow up of an inflated condom as long as it's part of the ambient and not the whole ambient. These kind of things appear and dissapear in the sessions so no problem till this moment for me.

What I have perfectly clear it's this group doesn't need a director.
Call it participative democracy.

Can we define Robotics

Can we define Robotics Clearer,

Would a Bass Guitar with Crunch Effect playing Random Notes to give impression of the same notes of computer random beeps to some rock drums be Robotics?

Would smashing a triangle randomly be Robotics?

Would pressing and holding a looped premade by someone else Arpeggio be Robotics?

Or would generating a rhythm, melody or sound fx from computerish, machinery or electronic sounds looped or unlooped to emulate a robotic environment be robotics?

If the Answer is Yes to all then isn't this actually Experimental and not Robotics?
Wouldn't Experimental be classes almost as an open genre?

If the Answer is yes to everything and anything and your sitting on a big fence when thinking yes, isn't this actually then Martian Music from a distant unknown place that no one ever goes?
Some may know this other place as a Box with a Door and a Lock on the outside which locks when you get in and close the door behind.

And if in this it makes you want to argue with me to show me a point of view other than mine, is it not then a fact that you may need one of these boxes to climb in to?

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Thanks to all the people

Thanks to all the people that entered this session. In my own opinion it was as great as expected, but as we say in my country "for likings colours"
Hope you liked it

Audio can be done, although

Audio can be done, although it would be 12 to 16 bpi delayed from server to server but then there would be no chat. But if a bot say like ninbot could link chat or relay it then it would be possible.

It could be done manual with 2 reapers but on the 2nd server bpm would have to match and met would have to be muted then all follow the met or beat from the first server.

Audio in 2nd server could be relayed back to the first but it would be a lot of beats later and then the connection relaying back the audio would need to be muted or it would loop round and feedback.
On top of this it would need mixing levels in 2nd server as well as muting first servers input into 2nd server.
So this would need a connection taken up in both servers just for relaying the audio to and from.

Tom how many 1 channel reduction's would be needed to gain the extra slot for 1 person?

Reading all this it came to

Reading all this it came to my mind an idea, maybe pointless.
Wouldn't it be possible to link two servers i.e. making each as a participant in the other?
Maybe it's a nonsense, I don't know.

The way it works, each extra

The way it works, each extra person doubles
the bandwidth needed. So really the reduction from 2 to 1 channels
only gains you the equiv of 1 person saving. (In reality its actually less
since there are only a few people doing more than one stream.)

Great! Thats an interesting

Great! Thats an interesting thought Andy, hope it works

YEah it would be nice if

YEah it would be nice if people were all on 1 stereo, 2 and 3 channels just isn't needed.
REAPER can handle the mixing with out needing ReaNINJAM to do it.
It can mean separate tracks for there 2 or 3 local channels but its a bit unfair on the guy getting disconnected every 2 secs. Also the more Audio Channels that pop up in a sever the more chance of clicks and pops which even I get sometimes when people join with too many channels.

Think about it, if 3 people connect with 3 channels each, that's a 9 person server reduced to a 3 person server.

It's a few strange guides that's led to some peoples setups being like it. But even in NINJAM for most 1 channel is enough, like a bass, it doesn't need to be on more than a mono really, as with some guitar, it could be panned.
Also with 2 or 3 channels they need panning and with the extra channels causing disconnects for people it means re balancing peoples channels, this sometimes can be a pain to keep doing and if we don't we can get a l and r shoved into center which can cause them to sound over gained.

Also on the auto record there panning can be strange and make them too loud in a jam or not panned right or both panned left.

I'd like to see all get sorted in ReaNINJAM or a updated NINJAM Client that does stereo on 1 channel, that was a mini version of REAPER just for NINJAMing.

This also could encourage people to buy REAPER to upgrade and get the other features, they could be disabled in the NINJAM version of REAPER.
It could come with the FX it comes with but LOCKED so only they can be used but a paid version would give ya the full REAPER.

Tom could you run a locked 1 channel say 12 person server this week, to see how it would cope?
As like a test, say reduce the 2051 to 5 or close it for a few days and make 2050 12 people?
I think one of the biggest complaints people would gripe about would be not being able to get in a room when its full so having less servers with higher numbers or same amount but more people in each would be nice.

It really would be a big party then some nights. :)

The ninjam test servers for

The ninjam test servers for some time werent limited.
I remember at about 9 or 10 users things would start to go
terribly wrong. Its a power of 2 thing. But it definately
matters how many people are transmitting and
how many channels they are transmitting.

Cya there guys, Tom, if

Cya there guys,

Tom, if needed how many max could a NINBOT server hold?

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