Optigan101 (CANCELLED)

Event Date: 
May 27, 2009 10:00pm -0400

Oh well - sorry this didn't work out. I got hung up
after class and was late to the studio and there is
another session in here in a few minutes. My bad.

The Optigan is an electronic organ-like instrument
that uses flimsy LP-sized discs to produce sound. Each
disc is encoded with samples that are triggered via
the instrument's light source.

Synthia's Optigan has been living in the EAR Lab
at UC Santa Cruz' Digital Arts and New Media.

DANM students Chris Molla and Jessica Hayden have
expressed interest in playing it and in NINBOT.

Tune in to the live NINBOT stream or log on and
play as we explore the glory of the OPTIGAN.
(You don't need an Optigan in order to participate.)

I googled Optigan and some

I googled Optigan and some how ended up buy cheap tickets to the next Jupiter Public Mission.

So I googled again and got this:

Welcome to the world of the OPTIGAN (NOT “Optigon,” “Optagon” or “Octagon!”)! In the early 70’s, Mattel devised this OPTIcal orGAN to play back the sounds of REAL instruments, encoded on celluloid discs like concentric rings of movie soundtrack. The result was pretty crappy sounding and soon forgotten by the world at large, but if this sounds to you like perfect fodder for an obsessive, almost fetishistic website, then you’re absolutely correct!

I'm still a bit unsure what the event is Synthy, do I need a Optigan to take part, and are you distributing premade discs for the Optigan for use in the Event?

Is that also 3:30 gmt? that's what its showing here on this screen.

do you mean video during the

do you mean video during the session?

well we'll be on campus so we *might* be
able to run audio and video at the same
time. we'll try it.


oh we need pictures...

oh we need pictures...

What a concept, ain't

What a concept, ain't technology grand?

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