NINBOT Friday Party Today

Event Date: 
July 31, 2009 7:00pm -0400

It's Friday again and time to Party!

Join in or Listen Live on NINJAM TV or

Cya there girls & guys.

I pulled my Neck, it hurts

I pulled my Neck, it hurts but hopfully the pills will sort it so I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, I'll update this through the day like a tweet or is it twit? :)

I just noticed the Friday Party is in ROBOTICS, I think hat happened because it gave options for other groups. I assumed it was to notify them as they were some how connected so I clicked them too.

Or unless that's what you meant Tom when you said you had to do that to get it to show.

When I made the event last week it wasn't meant to be anything to do with Robotics, Robotics is cool just it would give people the idea it's a robotics session and some how that genre of music.

It should have been in the Friday Jam which is where I thought I created it. :S :)

Sorry I just noticed and thought I'd best mention it.

A Link to part of the NINBOT

A Link to part of the NINBOT Friday Night Party 31st July.

Look at Me I'm a Little Sad Bee
The Aliens in NINJAM

This is the next vid on where it continues.

My fav bit in it is where Meanness says, "omg somebody get me a gun!" just after I danced round her like a fairy. Hahaha! :)

The rest of it I didn't hear much off, I was the first they dragged to the White Padded Room! <:')

Yeah I felt so sorry for

Yeah I felt so sorry for that little Bee, then I got over it and squished it! :)

One thing I wanna mention to all is the NINJAM TV, it only works with support from them who would benefit from it, You Guys!

The way most these live things work is the more viewers they have the sooner they are shown in Live Lists.
So if we get lots of Ninjamers watching or just having it in a window muted behind then this will get the viewer numbers up which in turn will show it to more people and get it more viewers.
Most people just want audio and to chat and the more people in there and chatting too the more people who will get to see it.

It's an opportunity for all to show what they can do, do shows on there of there own, have certain times of the day or week they do shows and so on.

Some will rush to try thin out the community by making there own channel but I say to them people, just be part of and help grown whats there already. When it has notoriety then people will know more about what and how NINJAM works and then other channels relating to or same as will work.

It will need more than just me pushing the link to others to make it work.

To be more than just a passenger, you have to stand up and be counted. :)

I'm still recuperating lol

I'm still recuperating lol OMG at the Buzz and Pirate songs whahahahhaah

Thanks for the fantastic party guys...had a great time. :o)

...the mind thinks in words, the soul thinks in music....

Yeah I see at first it

Yeah I see at first it didn't show, thought it might be something to do with Time difference.
If was a great party, some of the Jammers for on
I was wondering if you could make a NINBOT one on there, its good cos u can choose which cam you want as the stream and show upto 5 cams to the viewers.

Oh and I wanna state now, my Favorite moment of the whole time was the Pirate Song :D, it was just impossible to sing it was so funny.
There was a Bee song as well but the Pir8 one was just too funny. :)

Had to set it to 31st

Had to set it to 31st (today) or wouldnt show up.

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