NINBOT Friday Party

Event Date: 
August 7, 2009 7:00pm -0400

Andy's inspired me to keep the Friday parties going, so I
made a group and put it on the calendar. Add yourself to
the group - it's a standing invitation.

Anyone can initiate the jam.

For tomorrow:

Let's play for 2 hours - a TGIF (Thank God It's you guessed it Friday)
show for the drinks before dinner crowd, with some danceable rhythms
layers of instrumentation, good solos and vocals. But not disco or
house music (andy), and steer away from straight ahead rock. Please
resist falling into any Cliché styles or behaviors. There will be a
myriad of culture, time and space differentials to explore.

BTW: Following our short but sweet stint at the ChillOut SC,
I am making arrangements to play out with all ya'all in public again
from multiple onsite locations w/live audience. It'll be like I am in
my studio 'cept people can hear us while they eat, drink and feed the kitty.

Not sure if I'll have all my ducks in a row to be in public by this Friday, but may as well fill up the servers and do a warmup or three.

Submitted by Synthany on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 15:40.

i just went crazy and added a whole bunch of yous to the NINBOT Friday Party group. if this really pisses you off please accept my undying apology - it's just that at one point or another I got really inspired by you in some way and I decided to be proactive with this standing invitation to get your ninjammin' yayas on Fridays. Also please forgive me if my use of language (verbiage) has stymied you. I am available for brief tutoring sessions at no charge. hehe.

seriously though - please let me know if you'd rather I hadn't added you to this group and I will remove immediately - or you can log in and do it I can also add yourself if I didn't already...ilyou...

It showed 8th but I

It showed 8th but I initiated the Session but no one was about so went into the Test to warm up and get some people over.
Jed, Next, MeanNess, Puffer and Juls was in there and I said about going over to there but we was in a good Jam and people were playing, soon as it stopped some went off to do things and rest of us came over.

I didn't really feel better much, neck was hurting and booze helped it but then back started to play up some. :S
Too many times the Music Stopped but if people say to change before it gets a chance it will just stop all the time.
That's not a Dig at you MeanNess, a few said frequently for it to change, and nothing had a chance to grow to something. But I do understand some stuff just ain't good and will never get good but I will try to progress my end to something else so it flows and don't stop then builds and ain't good has gotta be better than nothing.

I think in server when playing someone saying "lets progress to something different" rather than Change it, its bad, this sucks, its s***, I'm bored, change to something better and so on. I did this recently deliberately with a few who can be common on giving there opinions and there reaction hopefully showed them how others will feel. Sometimes rather than thrashing it out with someone on rights and wrongs its easier to put them in the situation so they develop the view many would have.
When I did it recently a wrong person got caught up in it and it wasn't my intention but it was a bit hard to explain to them at the time and they are on no messengers I'm on so I had no way to contact them to explain so I apologize to that person.

Anyway, what was up with you Synthany, was you ill?

Sorry you weren't feeling

Sorry you weren't feeling well Synthany...Hope you get better soon :o)

where is it showing the

where is it showing the 8th?
i'm glad you're feeling well enough to be on the 2050 test server right now...
no really it's okay.

Still hurts, Synthany it's

Still hurts, Synthany it's showing it's on 8th but its Friday the 7th today, right now!

I pulled my Neck, it hurts

I pulled my Neck, it hurts but hopefully the pills will sort it so I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, I'll update this through the day like a tweet or is it twit? :)

Who is ily? :) I'm not

Who is ily? :)
I'm not having a good week for abbreviations am I. :)

I gotta go paint some more now, my backs screwed atm and I should be avoiding awkward positions but have to cut into some skirtings now. Sanding them yesterday has made things worse and it's sore, but the sooner I get it finished then I can get me bed back in there which will fix it, I hope.

Thank God It's Friday. end

Thank God It's Friday.
end of the work week for majority of people anywhere in the world probably. Better get a crane to move that rock you're under.
hehe - i can tease you cuz you know ily.

What does TGIF mean? and you

What does TGIF mean? and you know over here they're trying to get rid of happy hour's as they say it causes Bing Drinking. :)

Hmm, if were having happy hour I best get more booze in. :P

yah - I saw the Friday Jam

yah - I saw the Friday Jam but I think they were playing more of a straight ahead rock thang. Plus, I wanted to build on the momentum of last week's jam with a TGIF Happy Hour theme.

yah - I saw the Friday Jam

yah - I saw the Friday Jam but I think it's more of a straight ahead rock thang and I wanted to build on the momentum of last week's jam and build in a path to public locations for people to celebrate the TGIF theme. :D

I see this group

I see this group so added an event to that but didn't want to make a group and step on toes so was gonna ask Tom to rename it but I don't suppose it don't matter which one is the one.

I'll join this one as well, just as long as I get to Party and drink Ale and sing Pirate Songs! :D

ARRRrrrr!!! Pieces of Eight...

Also Its a Party so at every party not all are going to like the music played all night. :)
When I set it up last week I set it up as a All Day thing as Day time here is Mostly Japanese Jammers where 4am here is American Jammers and about afternoon there is Europe's Night Time so Afternoon is Europe Jammers.

I started about 9ish here and went to 5am'ish so it covered Europe and America, it would be hard covering Japan too but I did go on that morning here o catch some of there night.

Reasons for such a late initiation of the event was to give people enough time to get sorted but not planned.

Also for listners theyd be better on the or NINJAM TV as i noticed when a lot of listeners and loung it can cause some lag it seems, but on the others they have video as well. Live Video is a great concept, I first see it thought IJG (Jim) but it allows for peopel to choose who they see on the other 4 cams or page owner can set which cams are viewed so Jamers can be viewed playing, but sound is lower quality and mono, hopefully there address that soon.
I been doing little mini shows this week testing settings, its hard for me to broadcast to both and NINJAM TV, to NINJAM TV I can get good and even capture peopels cams into the live video mix aswell as hq sound but on livevideo it takes too much to get it stable so i had to lower my video settings to 40kbps, i just had cam and not much mooving in the pic so got away with it. But it would be better if someone picked up the NINJAM TV Stream and rebroadcast it or just picked up the Audio of it or the radio stream and put other vid.

Good thing about live video, Tom can setup one then choose who's video feed is used by a simple click.
I think I should be ok sending to aswell as NINJAM TV because with that I can use FME.

Anyway I'm off back painting, Tom can u embed the video from NINJAM TV of the Friday night in the group here?

great! Best to run as a

great! Best to run as a separate group, good!

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