Garage Sounds ii +postmortem

Event Date: 
July 12, 2009 12:30am -0400

here's the link to the last night's last minute garage:

thanks much - everyone had fun I think.
Bilos: sorry we just missed your login.

original post:
the conclusion of this event is a jam.
it is also an opportunity to showcase
the online jamming community. to hear
the activity and perhaps to experience
a short ninjam. feel free to join in.


Garage Sounds is a micro-event or living room concert, where the atmosphere
is informal but the people have a serious interest in the performances. The
format is to begin with more formalized compositions and proceed towards an
international online improvisation and participatory wrap-up (time


The Session II guest artists in Santa Cruz are David Van Brink and video art
from Tim Thompson.
David will be performing a new multimedia work and Tim is
presenting and demoing his installation for Burning Man "Monolith 2.0".

For more details on these performances and the artists, see the Garage
Sounds blog at:


The performance space is a spiffed up 2 car garage, hence the name. It's
about 400 sq ft and has a surround sound PA system, a video projector, and a
DMX lighting system.

For more info, contact:

Daev Roehr - - tech meister & primary contact
Wayne Jackson - - experimental ringleader
Synthia Payne - - improv master

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