Garage Sounds #1 update 5/12/09

Event Date: 
April 25, 2009 11:00pm -0400

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Latest Update: Everyone please be ready by 8:00 p.m. PST
Garage Sounds :: Saturday, April 25 :: 8:00 p.m. PST (confirmed)
"Garage Sounds" is the first gig for the ninbot group "Living Grounds",
featuring both NINJAMMERS online *and* multiple players onsite. Kapeesh?

Regarding style: I like when we adopt an experimental approach,
with a nod towards form. For example, we begin with optional play
and listen to what form is developing, gradually adding parts to
support a metamorphosis to emerge and take on form. We can then
work with that form until such time as we dismantle it. What?

For this show, I would like to take this approach a step further.
Our set is around 20 minutes. We can divide it into as many sections
as we need - we can start and stop when we want.

I think these simple guidelines are enough without imposing a bunch
of rules. There is a chemistry that will emerge if we let it.
What do you think?

Apologies if the time doesn't work for you - we will miss you.
We are planning an (avant)Garden Party to accommodate timezones
across the pond and beyond. Maybe we'll do some breakfast shows.

My attendance is in doubt,

My attendance is in doubt, we had sun here and it's given me a chance to get some gardening done and lose a load of weight.
Well I'm making a garden at the mo so not actually gardening but soon hopefully. Not much more to be done out there now.
Its 50% chance of rain by Sunday so if its a change in weather I won't be outside in the garden and I'll be ok to stay up late.

Sorry I wasn't able to be there, it was 3am and I was knackered and we had one last day of sun over here and sometimes we don't get much at all. I was a bit tiered today but managed to get most of the ground work finished, we have been wheelbarrowing 10 tons of top soil from the front of the house to the back and its been exhausting with raking and building bedding boxes etc.

Still the end is in sight for that part of the garden, just have to now lay weed fabric, then gravel and turf other section then its little bits.
Then I got to build some fences if we have any money left. :)

Which bit the NC or

Which bit the NC or Cooperatively bit? :P

Were be following your guys more as there be together and be able to play off each other in 0ms real time. :)

But do they know how NINJAM works, as in BPI and Key Changes?
If not its worth letting them know before hand or NINJAM side will sound like loads of keys being played at once.
If there will be many key changes then a big bpi needs to be used, like 64.

I was thinking of making some real instruments for the event, I'm not a keen cat lover and was wondering if spinning a cat by its tail in front of the mic to create a whirling sound would be an acceptable instrument? :D

But I do like cats a little, I just can't eat a whole one.

But no seriously I get what ya saying, I will play along even if I only have a Triangle made out of a wire coat hanger.

Its 4am here when its on so I may drink a load of little bottles of beer then fill them with water and play the bottles, I'll get low Alcohol one's so I'm still sober when I play.

On the NINJAM TV in the On Demand there is previous shows, have a listen to the most Recent Robotics Event we did, from about 33 mins is best to hear from, its more civilized. It was all live produced by all, no predone stuff apart form the video.

Oh btw the On Demand is free, its name makes it sound like a pay or sign up service but its basically just records and stuff.

hey - thanks much for your

hey - thanks much for your feedback Andy.

The idea is to play cooperatively.
I think that people can naturally play in the style they like
or know best. A heavy metal guitarist, like NC for example,
plays with intensity and skill, but in a way that meshes with
the overall piece.

does this make sense?


k, cool. If I loop I'll keep

k, cool.

If I loop I'll keep it to non drum rhythmic purely in a sound fx way and just sound fx.
What I been doing again more recent is grabbing good riff's other play by recording them realtime then adding a pile of fx then pushing it back out but in a more sound fx way.

I might setup a 2nd synth, maybe get me 3 tier stand from me garage and play with some of me hardware synths also.
I haven't played with me JV2080 for a while now or me DJX, I've got a MC303 and a old Yamaha TQ1 too, that's got a lot of old sounnd I made over 20 years ago still in it, if the internal mem aint faded.

It's a shame its 4am my time or I'd get my Daughter to Play on another synth, patch them all through to me music machine and setup a multi synth multi timbre studio for the night.

But one thing that will help Synthany is any genre info, I can search pre hand for some good instruments etc, got so many sound banks and synths its hard to find stuff on the spur.

Also what instruments are your guys at your place gonna be playing?

K I read ya info on ya approach, its probably worth having some genres or something in mind first, so the right people join, I mean as in if a heavy metal guitarist who only plays that joins and can't do ambient but say its gonna be more ambient or other, then if they have an idea before they know whether to be there or not.
Like Mutant and play good timing on a lot of different genre's and if he don't know a genre he will improvise, as a few others do too but some can only play a few genres and when its changes they start to complain and moan which gets the mood down and gets people uninspired. But me point is just if a few genre's you want to float through are set then if its not right for someone they know in advance.

So for example Soft Rock, Ambient, New Age.
Or a group genre as in say Tangerine Dreams or Sounds of London etc.
We don't have to play that music but people understand what type will be done.
I say this cos recently we had the Robotics event but people turned up with crunching guitars and were just in the wrong place but never understood the genre correctly.

Anyway just some things maybe to deal with before hand so on the night its perfect. :P

hey andy: thanks for the

hey andy: thanks for the inquiries and laughs. If you can, please stay up!
agreed: morning wake up calls are not ideal for playing music.

here are my answers to some of your questions (others please chime in too):

What genre is it, is it Garage Music? and does Garage music mean the same thing here as it does there?

synthany: this is a great question. I didn't want to use the word "garage" because of the implication
that the music made by a "garage band" is not good. But some of the people onsite are scientist-y types
so they are thinking of "garage sounds" as a place to make sound that is not in the house, with no real
reference to the music. So no, we should not aim to sound like a typical garage band that someone wants
to call the cops the gun down!

Also is it a non loop venue and what is DJ going to be mixing in? can we have a playlist or are we allowed access to the booth to make requests?

synthany: I changed DJ Ray's name to Ray Belden, b/c I think he will be playing bass. I'm not sure if he is bringing his
DJ rig. I think limited loops are okay but I prefer live drumming. I think Thrak will be playing his v-drums, and
I would love for Mutant to drum some too if he can make it.

For future sessions I would love to play around with using sections of known songs to build something new.
For example, the Gorillaz used a synth lick from an Abba song in "Hung up on You" with Madonna singing.
It's not a new technique but one I'd like to try. I think it might work well with the NINJAM latency model.

Andy, there is no question as to your looping talent, but I really like when you play live.
Everyone, I think loops are okay in moderation (like everything), but the danger is that loops
are often so full of sound there is no place to play. Please listen to what others are doing,
and leave plenty of space for others to get their licks in (bald heads too). OK?

thanks all.

I'm confused now, do I stay

I'm confused now, do I stay up or get up? :)

Tbh 4am is better than 6am or 8am, it can be a really late nighter, its just not the same first thing in the morning. :)

What genre is it, is it Garage Music? and does Garage music mean the same thing here as it does there?

Would be gutting to stay up to 4 to 7 am then find Garage music there is barn music here and I have no partner to "git that partner by the hand, spin them round and round and round.".

Also is it a non loop venue and what is DJ going to be mixing in? can we have a playlist or are we allowed access to the booth to make requests?

Also what is your favorite color, it has no relevance to this but I've asked so many questions now I'm actually starting to enjoy it.

Do you like Cats or Dogs?
Do you prefer colour or color?
Are you a Pink girl?
Are any of you pink girls? ;)
Do you like crunchy or soft food?
Should the Capital of America be LA or WDC?
Are you an Obama or Bush Fan? Oo
Do you prefer the sound of Air, Fire or The Sea?
Which is better, "CAAAAPTAIN CAAAAVVVVEMAAAANNNNN!" or "Oooh Nooo!, Helllp Meeee!"
Should the Earth be Round or Flat?
If the Earth were flat would you (a) Row a Boat to see whats at the End or (b) Laugh at them who say its round?
Should Airplanes be fitted with Air Bags?
Should the Capital of England be London or Portsmouth where I live?
Do you prefer Sweet & Sour or BBQ Flavorings?
Tomato or Tomarto?
Do you prefer Good Morning Sir or How ya Doing?
Are you Enjoying or Disliking these Questions?
Should a Bald Man be Patted on the Head or Licked like a Lolly Pop? Oo
Which do you prefer, Larger or Bier?
Should Southern Europe become the United States of France or stay independent?
Should Canada become France 2?
Are these Questions Silly or Fun or just Damned Crazy?
Should these Questions stop or continue, SEE (a) stop, or (b) continue.

Stop Reading then and go away! :)

I'm so Glad you decided to keep reading, but I'm afraid I've run out of time, but don't worry I've PM'ed the remaining 17,000 questions to your email.

c. There was no c, you should have stopped reading already!

d. Why are you still reading this?

e. Don't expect me to continue through the Alphabet.

f. Oh hiya, I was having a nice cuppa Tea, you still here?

g. Can I help you with something?

h. Just go away!

i. No seriously, go away!


k. Seriously I'm just ignoring you now.

l. Larde Larde Lar LAR LAR LAR!!

m. I Said Go AWAY!

n. "hello, is that the police? I have a stalker"

o. "where did I put my gun"

p. "CLICK!"

q. "BANG!!!"

r. "..."

s. "..."

t. ""

looks like we'll manage to

looks like we'll manage to get going earlier after all.
shooting for around 8:00 p.m. PST (not 9:00 p.m.)

Should be a bit more organized than previous public sessions.
Please join in if you can. Love love.

Hey, if you manage to keep

Hey, if you manage to keep playing for over three hours, I might just get to hear you with my breakfast!
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yah, april.

yah, april.

Its April not March right?

Its April not March right?

thanks for the

thanks for the well-wishes.
By the way, the updated time is a couple of hours later
than originally posted.

Still you might be sleeping - I would be if I were there.

If you set your TimeZone on

If you set your TimeZone on your account page, the time shown on the Upcoming Events is your local time.

(It's 0200UTC - 0300 Local time in London, as we'll be on Summer Time.)

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Count me in ;) BTW, it's the

Count me in ;)

BTW, it's the time GMT?

> Garage Sounds #1 > April

> Garage Sounds #1
> April 26, 2009 3:00am +0100

You can put me down as "Dreaming", if you like... ;)

Bit early to be saying "have a good gig" but do!

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