Experimental Live Concert at Krusagården, Eksjö, Sweden. (updated with review and links)

Event Date: 
June 8, 2009 12:30pm -0400

Experimental Live Concert at Krusagården is the first time NINJAM displays for an audience and musicians in my hometown Eksjö.
Erocnet will be performing with his band "På Mé Fritt" online with a numbers of NINJAM improvisers.

The live concert will be in the spirit of total freedom and experimental expression.
På Mé Fritt will play about 30-40 minutes.
Welcome with an open mind and weird performances for this live concert.



Experimental Live ninbot recordings: Experimental Live Concert at Krusagården, Eksjö, Sweden
Experimental Live video recordings: Experimental Live Concert at Krusagården, Eksjö, Sweden
Experimental Live review(In Swedish):Experimental Live Concert at Krusagården, Eksjö, Sweden
And for those who not read swedish



A group from Eksjö, På Mé Fritt entertained us with a concert where some of the
musicians were in a different location in Sweden or in other countries, Their
music reached the public via internet while we could see the Eksjö musicians
joining in on stage.

This might seem a bit complicated, but is a future trend that the music audience
in Eksjö took part in.

The Audience at Krusagården took part yesterday in an internet concert,and what
made this possible is the computer program Ninjam that allows musicians to play
together with out time delay wherever they might be in the world, like a phone
call but with music or as a virtual rehearsal room.

-I think this is great and as rewarding as a real gig, and the public was
exhited about the new medium. This is a first in Sweden.

Roger has learned and used the tecnique for 6 months and there is more to
discover, such as using Web cameras where you can see and hear music being
performed on screen. There is room for up to 6 people at the same time. Totally
there are about 300 users worldwide and 5 or 6 in Sweden. So expect to see more
of this in the future.

- In this way musicians around the globe will have a chanse to gather in one
place, learn from each other and express themselves. A musician singled out
would be given the oportunity to join in with likeminded musicians as Roger

Free translation by Peter Thörn

lol, yes I know, I thought

lol, yes I know, I thought it looked like some old farm equipment at first

lol, I thought it was real

lol, I thought it was real at first...

Great one! I enjoyed this

Great one!

I enjoyed this video, for other reasons I supose but still...


Another unique home-made

Another unique home-made acoustic instrument:

Thanks for that

Thanks for that anon...Enjoyed Dennis stuff and his Bush T-shirt

Although leaning a little

Although leaning a little towards the rubber-band/shoebox camp, I've always enjoyed Dennis Havlena's enthusiasm:

And speaking of enthusiasm...

All credit to Kate for

All credit to Kate for translating! She didn't want her name there...

Later this year I will start a new Eperimental group, with Acoustic Instruments.

The only way as I see things, is to go separate from the Experimental group here and
give this Idea its own identity and space to expand.

There is a reason for telling you this now. In say 3-4 months time this group will be up and running and then you can try out the instruments that you been thinking of making and not been encouraged enough to make.

Also, it would be great if you posted some links to do with making instruments at home.
Not looking for an empty shoebox with a rubberband sort of site, but...This is a great
moment to use our International knowledge and Google and find results in our own languages. Thats what I miss, I have seen several in English/American writing.....feel free to post thoose as well...an example here...



I want to thanks everyone

I want to thanks everyone involved in the concert.
Tommy and Fredrik sends greetings to all.
We had a great time at Krusagården :-) Great playing and interactions from all you at the jam.
The jam constantly changed freely and we all kept the "torrent of improvising" and if we not had an advertised end time we had still been playing...
I have updated above with a review of the concert from our local newspaper “Smålands Tidningen” and a link to a music video from Krusagården. Thanks Peter for the translation, much appreciated.

Had been nice to know what instrument or effect you used at the consert.
Erocnet(På Mé Fritt)
Roger elgit,acgit,syntgit,looping,dulcimer,whaterphone,toys,effects
Fredrik bass,prep git,looping,effects
Tommy dr,perc

JeffD git,looping
Unfretted sax
Perreko dr


Interesting, Thanks

Interesting, Thanks Synthany!

Join us next time Andy, there will be Experimental jams coming up...

:S I missed it, its all this

:S I missed it, its all this Footy, Big Brother started and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here US and some Nutty guy and its all just took my mind off the ball.
Oh also I'm hunting for a mattress as mines died and now we killed the sofa so need a new one of them and it started raining which was so upsetting as the sun we had was so great.
Our Tumble Drier Broke which with there being no sun this has also been a problem as I'm not doing my bit for global warming atm.
Plus we adopted a Syrian Hamster and the cage it has is too small so we have been looking for a good priced new cage for him.
And I have been trying to keep the weight loss going which we missed swimming 2 times now and we had a takeaway in that time.
The post man has also been late all this week.
I have to buy 2 monitors and the price jumped up 20 uk pounds on the pair over night and now I have to decide expensive or cheap.
We have no Potatoes as we buy from a farmers shop and have not had time to drive to it as its not local.
There's a Recession.

I'm gutted cos I wanted to be there too.

But I will make a future one and I'll premake some loops and home made arpeggios using a cat swung round at high speed by its tale then feed it to my dog and try get a good sample of that. :)
I put that because my dog just came licked my hand and sat beside me and it reminded me how much I hate cats. :)

I just feel like I could go on forever, like a big loop. :D I should preset myself and throw me into a program so people can load me up then I could be there always. :! :D

Oh there is people on NINJAM again now, have to go, speak later. :)

The recordings are

The recordings are wonderful. Congratulations to everyone
who played on this.

Perhaps this show was the first onstage NINJAM in Sweden.

But there was a live onstage performance between Stanford
and Stockholm Institute of Technology in 2004. Here's the link:

Also check out SOUNDWire group at Stanford:

Any Contemporary Art Museum

Any Contemporary Art Museum would have been proud to host an event like this.

Experimental, Focused, never a dull moment, rich in texture and still open and airy. Polyrythmic yet kept together with a common aim, Panta Rei, constantly changing ,Make the moment matter.

A piece of Swedish music history was made!

This was the first on stage Online Jam ever in Sweden!

A member from Orkester Journalen was there (Swedish equal to Down Beat Magazine) and Roger finished an interview with a different paper just before going on stage.

Quite a few days of planning in Eksjö i.e, R made sure that Krusagården got broadband and that was made 2 days before the event (Vernacular building) and another interview with a paper makes you appreciate what Roger done to promote Experimental music and not just his own Ego.

Well, what can we say...A big Thank you! from me and many others!


Excellent set and great

Excellent set and great drumming from Tommy.

Thanks for setting this up and I'm really glad I was able to make it.

=> Latest jams! <= => Random jam <=

Just to note that ninbot

Just to note that ninbot should automatically convert
the event time to your local time.
Just make sure your profile has your timezone set

alas: I am working tomorrow

alas: I am working tomorrow and cannot participate
in this wonderful event. I will look forward to the
recordings when I get home.

all best to everyone who gets to play on this.

No the time June 8, 2009

No the time June 8, 2009 6:30pm +0200 means

18:30 in Swedish time
And Swedisg time are +0200 from UTC/GMT
Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Daylight saving time: +1 hour
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +2 hours

So the consert are 18:30 in Swedish time, if you want to know the time in other countrys go to
and choose Sweden-Stockholm 18:30 and select place to convert to...


Yay....Even though this

Yay....Even though this experimental thing is´nt really my thing...(maby not yet) ...hahahah
I might show up...Is it 20:30 local Eksjö/Huskvarna time ?????
Will def listen ...Hope it will be at Ninbot so everyone can listen..


Thanks Roger!

Thanks Roger!

i am so psyched for

i am so psyched for this!!!
excellent gig everyone.

And only 7 miles from my

And only 7 miles from my hometown unfretted, if you have time you are very welcome ;-) My Holiday begins right after the midsummer...

Fender_Jazzbas you are welcome here to the live concert at Krusagården. It’s not always you see a ninjamers in "realtime"...(haven't seen one yet)

To everyone else, crazy jamming next Monday...


I think you should go there,

I think you should go there, thats a great Idea, and to hear a Ninjam as a guest Live would be quite something...

You are very near to Eksjö, a lot closer then I thought, I will be in Boet for midsummer, not far from Ödeshög or Tranås or your area

Yay Eksjö is´nt very far

Eksjö is´nt very far from Huskvarna so maby a real life visit could be in place.
Otherwise I hope I´ll get a spot to at least listen to you other guys..

Se or hear ya ....

Great Roger, see you there!

Great Roger, see you there!


http://www.myspace.com/rogersundstrom is my personal myspace and
http://www.myspace.com/pamefritt is my freeform band project.

http://www.myspace.com/krusakultur are Krusagården myspace page and
thats the place the consert will be. We have music, arts, poetry, installation,
handicraft, needlework there every monday evening.

http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.showvids&friendID=8989... are from krusagården 2008 there På Mé Fritt where performing with Eugene Chadbourne.

Ecronet I think I got ya on

Ecronet I think I got ya on me myspace but which one of them 3 is you?

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