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pretty melody ! LoL

pretty melody ! LoL

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On the political level it's

On the political level it's like in France:
Robin Hood (Macron) he takes the poor to give to the rich! LOL

Musically and technically:
It is interesting and surprising to see the result of the harmonizers.
This video is cool for the generated chords allowing to imitate the melody and the intonations of the vox when one speaks.

But in terms of music harmonizers on melodies give a rotten result!
Queen's "Another one bites the dustt
with - Reharmonizator

The result is disappointing I have a good ear and she tells me that the software harmonizers are not a panacea

bro you are piss about the

bro you are piss about the next tax aproved to the poor give money to the rich!!!
nice and fun your country...

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