TrapKAT XL plus pedals


Just replaced my ten year old TrapKAT (originally V3, circuit board swapped to V4) with a TrapKAT XL and also replaced the DrumTech HATpedal and FATpedals with eHAT and eKIK pedals. Literally not had a chance to try it, yet!

Nice upgrade :)

Nice upgrade :)

Now I've played it, it's a

Now I've played it, it's a lot more responsive than the old one - they advertise the new surface as more sensitive to both soft and hard hits and it really is - much greater range. Probably needs a little more tuning to get it just right (I think I need to ease off the sensitivity a bit, perhaps). Very nice surface to play on, too - lovely "give" to it, unlike the old one.

Also, not that visible in the photo -- the eKIK pedals are reverse beater. Wow, they feel great - and have a feel much, much closer to a real kick (even my poor pedal control gets properly picked up, just like when I play a real kit... damn... :) ).

The eHAT... well, that's probably the weakest bit... It's a nicer feel than the old DrumTech HATpedal but ... getting it set up is tricky. It's not bad now... but I'm sure it could be improved if I spent more time on it. However, I'm calling it "good enough".

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Hi Very nice! :) I didn't

Very nice! :)
I didn't know this kind of setup! :))
thx for share :)

It is still in research, now

It is still in research, now each instrument maxes out one thread. But when it is finished you might have just enough pads and pedals to use this to the max :-)

Interesting. Some

Interesting. Some depressing questions from the guy with the camera.

If they can physmod a pair of hi-hats realistically, without eating all your CPU and in a way that can be played from an e-Kit, they deserve a Nobel prize! :) Single cymbals are hard enough.

Oh, and does it do cowbell? (Actually, there's physically modelled cowbells around...)

Anyway, my main issue would be CPU. RAM is much cheaper - the increment in playability would probably cost a lot...

Hi Peter, Congratulations

Hi Peter,

Congratulations with your new trapkat. It is looking realy slick. I like how the rug is tying it all together, you know...
Do you feed your kat only real samples? Because I saw this teaser from u-he, I am sure your kat would like to play with that...

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