ToneLib GFX


Привет, всем советую сделать тест Tonelib-GFX

Hello, test it. It is free.

I like that vst,

I like that vst, unfortunately it has problems in sound, when using many copies of it on separate tracks in daw.

I remember you mentioning

I remember you mentioning this app. I downloaded it and tested it the same day. And I can say: for a free vst it is excellent. It has few presets, but you can create your own and share on the manufacturer's website. Samples are a bit harsh on some tones but can be improved with equalizer and reverb adjustments. Nice one.

Yes, free without

Yes, free without limitation. For home or studio.
I like it, it is fast and producing rather good sound.

The first one's always free

The first one's always free bro.

Thx bro i have download ...

Thx bro i have download ... is free or is a trial?
Thx for share

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