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...and apparently I'm not

...and apparently I'm not the only person, place or thing who is "amazing" these days. Stupidity and pretentiousness is epidemic.

Don' t worry☺ you are just

Don' t worry☺ you are just amazing for sure ☺

I just can't figure out why

I just can't figure out why every minute a new news story appears on Google with the word "amazing" in the title,

or why every second someone posts something on Twitter using the word.

and it goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... it never stops!

I feel like the pod-people have finally taken over and I am the last to know about it.

When you want to sell it,

When you want to sell it, it's "amazing" like super powers marvel super héro, it's "extra"-ordinary, beyond the common sense. "The amazing Spiderman".

"Étonné" in french used to mean (in classic french tragedys): to be surprised as you hear "thunder" ,"tonnerre" in french , was a very strong word!

Today it's a word that means: "ah yes? It's quite surprising...." sorry for my poor english!!:))

All in all, words have their own history. :)

Your blog is a very cool idea☺

I started a blog to document

I started a blog to document this whole "amazing" phenomenon.

If it becomes popular, I may even create another one called "Literally, Truly, Amazing!" about the SEVERELY adjectivally challenged and the daily struggles they often face in achieving what I like to call the trifecta of vocabulary-based stupidity.

I just looked and every

I just looked and every video on this channel is apparently "amazing", including the channel description (it must be run by a millennial).

This is cool, but has anyone

This is cool, but has anyone else ever noticed how horribly overused the word "amazing" is nowadays? It's the favorite word of millennials especially, Every few seconds one of them tweets about something they claim is "amazing".

Every hour, another news story appears using the word.

Last October even Steven King commented on the words gross overuse -

But then ended up using it himself anyways.

It's also all over Facebook and Instagram, I've overheard people in the supermarket and stores use it , on radio and TV.

I don't know if there is some kind of global conspiracy to dumb down as many people as possible and turn them into complete imbeciles or if they instead all just managed to do it to themselves somehow. But in order to constantly find so many different things ALL to be "amazing", a person would either have to be on a very large dosage of psychotropic medication or have some kind of significant mental deficit to begin with.

Regardless of the reason, to quote from the 1986 movie Aliens:
"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from's the only way to be sure".

as the great Bill Paxton said... "Game over man... GAME OVER!".

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