Set 4 w/16 inch bass drum


Thank you for answer. It is

Thank you for answer. It is interesting information. Not overhead, but underhead )
Keep experimenting and good luck.

Hi Theo :) , Greetings

Hi Theo :) ,

Greetings and thanks for the look and for the interest.

Like so many areas that apply to how one would like to present their sound ideas on their
instrument ......microphone selection and positioning area extremely important
and as well highly subjective where the options are concerned.
And as in these others areas , the approach can alter and refine.
For xmitting acoustic drumset sounds on ninbot/ninjam live.....i prefer a simpler yet
effective approach with 1 to 2 set microphones.
It will always be a combination of 1 condenser microphone {in the above case , a Sterling ST 51}
and a dynamic , cardoid microphone or such similar pattern with a nice mid to low curve and good the above Audix D6 this case and maybe even more than in others,
mic placement technique becomes all important.
I'm finding for some , this may seem counter intuitive .....but placing the condenser right above the bass
drum rim at the beater side works best as it allows for quick full range sound of the set while allowing
the player to play the cymbals with a heavier touch than with the condenser(s) in a traditional postion
above the cymbals....this is matter of taste so the acoustics of the room and even the tuning and selection
of drum and players touch will influence the results you may get, experimentation is ultra important here.....
quite often i will use a mic pre with compression set to 2 to 1 or even 6 to 1 to get the drumset image
consolidated and a bit more detailed for use on of fortune to you in your own explorations....
and see you out there :)

I hope his helps


How many mics are you using?

How many mics are you using?

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