The Thermaltake that wouldn't die


My old 2002 era case is now hosting a 2009 era motherboard (with AMD Phenom 9650 2.3GHz, 4GB RAM, onboard HD3300 video). Running either WinXPSP3-x86 or Win7(RC1)-x86. Once I'm happy with Win7, it's bye-bye WinXP.
The onboard video proved insufficient, so the silent video card from the old new machine got purloined and Win7 has been running happily for quite some time. However, as of August 2013, following a good life, this box has stopped being my main music machine - 4GB wasn't enough. It is currently living on as my home software development system and gets used for music production (my other machine is for recording/jamming/live) and sample mapping.

Following a successful

Following a successful transplant to a temporary host, a new motherboard, CPU and RAM upgrade has been installed in this machine.

Unfortunately, it's dying intermittently with power supply problems (looks like both a physical defect (e.g. cracked solder joint) and possibly drawing too much power). So it's still dead.

And I can't afford to fix it any more right now.
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