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BEHRINGER XENYX 1202FX 12-Input 2-Bus Mixer
EDIROL UA-25 24 bit/96 kHz USB Audio Capture Device

VOX AD120 ValveTronix Combo Amp

Roland MC-505
Roland GR-20

Fender Stratocaster RSS
Heritage H 575 Custom
Yamaha AEX500

UPDATE - 09/11/2011

well, the ua25 sound interface and the XENYX 1202FX mixer are gone
an M-AUDIO FastTrack Ultra 8R is now replacing both and better

since play through a 120W valve twin isn't so easy if done at home i rescued a
VOX Valvetronix ToneLab DesktopEdition (blue serie): my VOX twin includes a ToneLab in pre section already and this piece allows me to create my tones throug monitors then transfer to my amp and bring them on gigs

UPDATE - 10/05/2011

an Edirol UM880 8x8 midi router joins the family

for that price i didn't

for that price i didn't argued too even knowing there were no original box, no manual and no drivers included
the seller offered me a coffee and a pair of 5-din cables also

its really easy to use and the fact it works also in standalone mode(no pc connection is needed) is great

now somekind of DYS 2U-flightcase that fits my desk is on construction, let's see if i can recover 30cm over my units

$100 bucks!... Can't argue

$100 bucks!... Can't argue with that price... Good luck with the routing and happy jamming... :)

thank you buddy for your

thank you buddy for your forward
i checked out the devices available from midisolutions before make my choice
they are smart: small and cheap but at the end i bought the um880 for 100bucks :) :) :) :)

8x8 midi IN/OUT
- routes
- merges
- filers
between almost every combination between the available ports
works both as a midi interface(usb) and standalone
i think the same potential could be expressed by midisolution buying several devices instead of one only

catch ya

That UM-880 sounds like

That UM-880 sounds like quite the device, and looks able to route your midi any-which-way you can conceive. If price is a significant consideration and your routing needs are simpler, I have a hub made by a company called MIDI Solutions (http://www.midisolutions.com/) that has a much smaller but targeted feature set and can sell for as little as $25€. (They make a number of different models, mine takes one midi input and replicates it to 4 outs, others merge inputs into a single output etc.)

life is going on as well

life is going on as well devices and tests on my desk ;)

i made some tests making a midi ring with rc50 and gr20 and
i sadly discovered their midi ports doesn't behave as they're said they should behave by the manual

in theory there's the way to use their Midi OUT ports as THRU ones letting the midi signal to lass through unaltered ... unfortunately this is only theory

anyhow i hanged around searching for some idea that solves my daily midi bugs
on the path i found a edirol um880
its a 8x8 Midi Hub, now is out of production
(actually roland doesn't produces rack midi hub units no more)

if i can find it somewhere the new product price scares me a lot (over 400€)
i found an used one i hope i can buy with a 60% discount at least ;)

does anyone of you ever messed with the device above ?


hello buddies i finally

hello buddies
i finally found time to make some tests

i'm not using ninjam as slave device with midi sync set to "AUTO" and setting tempo with the dial/knob: as well "loop quantize" is active sync with ninjam metro becomes really easy

i tried use both MASTER and SLAVE midi setup for the rc-50 without notice advantages for use it with ninjam before stop in a strange behaviour:
there're a boss-gr20 synth and the boss-rc50 on my midi chain, if i place the looper before the synth, CC messages sent to the synth are lost ike if the looper doesn't act "midi thru"

if i place the synth before the looper everything works fine ...
this thing needs more investigation

but for what i tested i think sync the rc50 with ninjam metro is easy and flexible :)

there's a lot of things can

there's a lot of things can be made via MIDI sync with the RC50
here's the owners manual http://lib.roland.co.jp/support/en/manuals/res/1811080/RC-50_e9.pdf (check pp 50, 74-78 for details)

i think i can close the midi ring but at this point i think i'm going into an issue:
i can't forward vst effects to the looper because my sound card is 2INx2OUT only

one of my mates is going to gift me of an Ultrafex II he doesn't use ( http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/EX3200.aspx ), i hope i can gain something over my amp buzz with it and do without vst effects

one thing is sure ... wires number is going to increase 8)

thanks for share your

thanks for share your experience

i already heared of the Evoloop but never got in depth
i never heared of circularlabs but i already downloaded their looper to give it a try :)

the one you're suggesting is something me JerryBake and AndyMc were discussing last sleepless nite
maybe if Reaper metro is set like ninjam server one the trick could work

unfortunately i'm in lack of MIDI cables but i'm going to report my experiment results ASAIC do some

I'd love to check out a

I'd love to check out a looper with a good amount of loop time, I'm using a KP3 which is handy for 16 BPI, but sometimes you just feel like 32...

I am kind of curious about a bit of tech called Evoloop, not ready for production yet but made by the same guys that designed the software for the Gibson Echoplex:

I wonder if you could set-up Reaper to send the midi clock signal out to your Edirol via the USB cable and then hook the MIDI out from the Edirol to the RC-50 with a regular MIDI cable. I am using this type of setup with an M-Audio FastTrack Pro.

Also, if you are looking for a free multi-track VST looper, one of the guys here recommended Mobius and it seemed all right to me (I only played with it a bit, got my KP3 the same week... ;)).

i'm really happy of it but i

i'm really happy of it

but i can hardly use it with ninjam since i still need to find a way to sync the looper clock with it

maybe its too much for my needs, but does its dirty job when on stage (where you could wish to mix guitar vst and maybe a midi file hosted by a DAW) there's no equal

actually when joining ninjam sessions i'm using LoopyLlama, its pity is not to be a multitrack looper (you can use more than one instance on different tracks, but they will prolly scratch between eachother)

PS. apoligize me for the late reply: i didn't received an alert of your message ;)

Can you post some pictures?

Can you post some pictures?

What do you think of the

What do you think of the RC-50, in general and when using it with Ninjam? (I almost bought one earlier this year...)

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