AndyMc and OiO (in Portsmouth)





Awesome. Great stuff! Thanks

Awesome. Great stuff!
Thanks guys

Antonio - OiO Y

Antonio - OiO

Y Mutant...
It's an original video! Absolutely! You can not doubt it. This is artists, they do not age at the same speed as ordinary people because they are not in the same space time. :-)

This sounded really special

This sounded really special and melancholy, very nice work. But it says 1972 on the screen? I didn't realize they even had video cameras back then, let alone that people owned them at a consumer level in their homes. Andy looks like he hasn't aged a bit in all that time. He's like the Dorian Gray of Ninjam.



Good job :)

Good job :)

Antonio - OiO Andy dans sa

Antonio - OiO

Andy dans sa plus grande splendeur créatrice...Décontracté, ...et en plus j'ai le temps de boire un cafè. Héhé...

Superbe song...Merci pour le

Superbe song...Merci pour le partage.i.

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