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Here's my TrapKAT and the new PC in their permanent home. Swing-arms on the displays make switching positions easy, along with a swing-arm laptop holder holding my keyboard and KORG nanoKontrol when I'm drumming.

Upgrades since the photos: The scarf acting as a dust cover on the MK-249 has been replaced with a chord(tm) dust cover. The rather glaring blue desktop background has been replaced with a more in keeping tan-orangey one... as close to the wall colour as I could get it.

Sadly, the stripey mug got dropped so is no longer available for jam sessions.

After another period with this set up running in the "Home from home" location, I'm now running a split set up. This PC has returned here, and it's where I do software development and audio production work. I've a second PC dedicated to the TrapKAT. More pics to follow...

>...for these... Heh, I hope

>...for these...
Heh, I hope it can cope with me wearing my normal glasses at the same time. For $4999, I'd expect it to polish them whilst it's at it..! :D

Thats neat Pl !

Thats neat Pl !

You can ditch those displays

You can ditch those displays for these

Slightly low-rez, but it might be just good enough. I haven't toyed with it but if you can just overlay the displays you want with live video, maybe it'll work someday.

good idea . I have the same

good idea .
I have the same problem with my EDRUM , that is 2 meters away from my computer .
Perhaps i will use a second display near the drum , and buy a cheap
wireless keyboard + mouse .

thank you for sharing

EDIT : before Ninjam , i used to program Cubase to start record after 4 bars , and had to run to be sat on time . too much stress in that .
ah ah ah

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