ODelphi Suite Part 1


Hi all

This is the result of a pleasant afternoon of music - nice chillout piece


Jed June 2010

nice one!!!

nice one!!!

Cool .Jed. very chill-axed

Cool .Jed. very chill-axed :)

@ anonymouse Although I jam

@ anonymouse

Although I jam on Ninjam a lot, this one was done with my fellow co-conspirator Steve here in my studio with Reaper running.

We decided to record two things at a time. So the first pass was me on bass Steve on EP. The next pass was me on guitar and Steve on piano. Lastly I recorded the second gat track and Steve did the moog. The drums are Jamstix 3 with its standard kit (awesome software)

It's all just spontaneous jamming

A nice way to work as I reckon you play better when you are grooving live with someone as you record.

Anyway all the best and thanks for listening!


Thanks Nexty glad you liked

Thanks Nexty glad you liked it!

I just realized I put June 2010 instead of June 2011 lol!


Was the audio captured

Was the audio captured during a Ninjam session?

Well done Jedly, you need a

Well done Jedly, you need a new nickname like maybe "teflon" you ARE SO SMOOTHHHHHHH, and in my humble opinion the best guitar player on ninjam.

Now thats really smooth

Now thats really smooth excellent

Well done!

Well done!

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