NinJAM Quickstart: Ports Forward


this is meant to be a really quick start guide for route your DAW tracks to ninjam

I was not so busy at the

I was not so busy at the moment and once clear what to do I just did it ;)

you're not wrong I was there and you clearly slammed the door on my face, I'm going to remember it... :)
no worries, I seen you were playing I just toke a while join the server cause you were 8 already
when I finally joined it was pretty late considered the time i started my tries .. hehe

anyhow wth are you going to do with 6 cores ??? send a couple to me a for pipm my 775 toaster indeed
jokes apart all that stuff must be hungry of CPU so better give oyur workstation all the breath you can

Nice one Radar, you got that

Nice one Radar, you got that done quick, takes me a year to just think about doing one. :)

I thought I see ya in the server earlier, I went back over the chat and I didn't say hi, I normally always do but I missed it, got busy with too many windows up at the same time.
Think you came in as I was finishing, was doing a test of Livestream, realtime VJing, Tinychat, Cubase with VST's and NINJAM, to see how the PC managed, I probs could do with a 6 core though. It's hard to read too on the monitor NINJAM is on, could do with a bigger monitor there.

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