Next Experimental (formerly Free Jazz) jam

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December 14, 2008 10:00am -0500

Hello All,

I am taking the initiative here and choosing to act as admin for the next group jam. I hope I don't mess things up, as I am new to this (but I suppose everyone is, at this point)

I would like to schedule the next Experimental jam session for Sunday, December 14 at GMT 3:00 PM.

Here is a nice site with the world map and all time zones, with relationship to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

3:00 PM GMT would make the jam my Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. I think this is a good compromise for both our European and Asian jammers - it is the middle of the day on Sunday in Europe (3 PM or so), and it is a reasonable time at night for Asia (10 PM or so).

Anyone please feel free to comment on this schedule.

One more thing - I would like to make the jam more swinging this time. I am a big fan of the music of Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor, and I would like the jam to be in the "harmolodics" groove.

I will try and prepare some drum and bass loops that might encourage this kind of jam.

Anyone with any questions or comments about this musical style, just ask, or e-mail/PM me.

Think of Harmolodics this way - everyone gets to solo, all the time! Really! BUT, you must listen VERY CAREFULLY to what is being played, and not lose time or harmony (keep your harmony nearby, at least) with other players.

Again, I ask and encourage anyone to reply with any comments or questions.

Thanks much,
Tim (aka Doorthe)

It went really well. It was

It went really well. It was so many things throughout the course of it, and there were times when it really was in the swinging harmolodic mode!

Your playing was spot on, it swung yet was abstract.

I totally dug playing the bass all that time, too.

It was a huge success, in my mind! Thanks again to you and everyone involved.

Hey Tim! That was really

Hey Tim!

That was really fun. Not sure I was in the spirit of what you set out to achieve, though..! It seemed to be more in the de-structured soundscapes mould by the time I turned up.

Kit was still ns_kit7/ndk but with CM Fuzz (later on, various presets - some a bit loud...), Kjaerhus Classic Flanger (not phaser... various presets) and Reverb (set to "Empty Hall").

(If I could drum better, I'd have given it some swinging jazz time input but I've still not mastered that! I need to listen to more jazz.)

perreko, I like your idea


I like your idea about having the drummer kep the time for the group (what an original concept!! 8^p).

Seriously, I much prefer to keep time to the drummer in a jam, and when there is one, I usually do turn my met down a lot.

Of course, as you say, it's one of the great secets of jazz - the bassist keeps the time in jazz, not the drummer.
The drummer is usually as syncopated as anyone else.

But to get that heaving, swelling, swing of a good free jazz session - we'll have to concentrate hard to make that happen.

I'm so glad you're interested! Once again, I'm excited to see how this will turn out.


I'll drop in around 16:00GMT

I'll drop in around 16:00GMT and try to get into the swing of things. My back beat tends to dominate unless I try really hard to stick with something more jazzy...

hi, great to see this group

hi, great to see this group born ,not as free as experimental, but with a swingy nice feel that i like too ;) ...i'll be looking for this jam so eagerly, and will try to provide some acoustic drumming to it.i have the following experiment idea: let be the drummer the only one to be listening to the marvellous ninjam click ,and guide rithm by his playing to try smooth the straightness a bit more......or even play some time with everyone not listening to click....or may be the bassist only.....lot of posibilities, only need to talk a bit between those big free jazz wawes that will whip our ears :).

Here's some accessible (?)

Here's some accessible (?) Ornette to get anyone started. It's a collaboration with Pat Metheney. I wore this CD out back in the day.

Free listens here.

Start with track 7, "Song X", and move onwards.

(I don't know what those other first 6 tracks are, some kind of unreleased sessions that Metheney must have released afterwards. They were not tracks on the original album.)

BTW, Jim, if you want a master-class in free violin, I suggest you check out track 8, "Mob Job" as soon as possible!

EDIT: For more help in grooving on harmolodics, Cecil Taylor is the man.

Listen to this

Cecil's live albums are all one track long. The above album has one tune that runs for 1 hour 19 minutes. Now that's a jam.

And of course, listening to any Ornette will do you just fine.

Here's a "best of" from Blue Note Records.

It's interesting to see how Ornette uses a simple melody to begin, then gradually increases the intensity and harmonic complexity throughout the song.

Tim thx for taking the lead.

Tim thx for taking the lead. In Peter's abscence this weekend he had suggested I might but my feeling was I wanted to coast a bit and join in but allow others at the helm so tag you're it! If the timing occurs early that Sun here in the east that would be good so I need to checck on that.

With your Ornette concept do you want to go so far as to define some kind of structure/key center ( I may be showing Ornette ignorance here) or is it more about still being free but trying to 'attach and enhance' each other's harmoic structure?

As I'm more a texturalist I may be out of my league but I welcome the challenge.

Hope to be there. I'm listening back to this past week's now and there are some cool sections some almost like Twilight zone time in a way or early film score.

Happy days


Thanks Tim, this will then

Thanks Tim, this will then be a weekly event as I hoped it
would be! An experiment in the experimental space. The start/stop button is to the left under GROUP SERVER. Mail everyone just to make sure they know about the session.

Best wishes


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