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Oh, the pots aren't endless

Oh, the pots aren't endless encoders? Mmm, well, it is cheap :).

I've got a Behringer FCB1010 but I'm just not using it... I keep wanting something I can make quick adjustments with and I more often have a hand free than two feet free when I'm drumming.

The main problem I have is mounting the thing on my rack -- nowhere in the UK seems to sell rack add-ons! (That's partly what made me go with the FCB1010 at the time, too.)

Oh! now seems to have a whole host of good stuff. They weren't there when I looked six months ago! :) I think I've found somewhere new to spend money...

I'm thinking of the larger of these mounted on a rack upright...

hi, i got the nanokontrol

hi, i got the nanokontrol too, and yes its cheap and good enough,but about those 4 scenes,they seem pretty unusable at the same session,as nanokontrol sliders and pots positions will get wrong when switching scenes and tweaking different settings in each one,so undesired sudden and abrupt changes in value should happen,not good thing in most of the cases

It's a really great value

It's a really great value for money. I'm sure there are better controllers out there, but this one is cheap and very small. It has 4 scenes, so it's really 9 sliders x 4, 18 push-buttons x 4 and 9 knobs x 4. As far as "in use," I use it quite interactively with Ableton while jamming. Last point I would make is that I can put both of them (nanokontrol & nanokey) in my latop bag and have a mobile studio!

Personally, I'm very happy with it. Youtube has many demo/review videos of all Korg Nanos. Haven't seen a bad one yet. I should say this though : it's the first midi controller I have ever used, so my point of reference or ability to compare it to other midi controllers is very limited.

Hope that helps

How is the nanoKontrol in

How is the nanoKontrol in use? I'm still thinking of getting one...

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