The Jonestown Peoples Temple church cult mass suicide took place approximately 40 years ago tonight, deep in the Guyanese jungle on November 18, 1978, where 918 people died.

This track is from an album I released in 2005 called "Mass Mutation" about this tragic and bizarre event and features audio samples of the Peoples Temple and in Jonestown.

This song, called "This Man" includes a main audio sample taken just as the mass suicide was about to begin. Jones at that moment was insisting that everyone had to die tonight. A few of the close to 1,000 followers took turns speaking at a microphone, a couple of them were initially against the idea because so many young children were there, but most apparently were ultimately in agreement with it. One elderly woman in support of Jones and the mass suicide plan, stepped up to the microphone and at his urging, began singing a classic gospel song (originally recorded by Alan Lomax in Alabama 1939) that the Jonestown church members would often sing called "I Never Heard a Man Speak Like Dis Man Before"

The original gospel song obviously is about Jesus, but in this circumstance clearly is more specifically referring to Jones himself, since the woman was probably singing it directly to him as he sat there on his special throne at the central pavilion area in Jonestown, beneath a sign which ominously read "Those who don't know the past are condemned to repeat it".

The lyric is "I never heard a man speak like this man before", then the other church members would join in refrain to sing back " this man". So I tried to make this kind of vocal round type of cadence the central focus of the groove and song.

I actually 'played' guitar on this whole project, recording very short parts and adding them with very brief synth parts which I would loop, along with several layers of classic breakbeat samples taken from 1970s funk records. At the time I didn't really have any decent monitors other than PC desktop speakers with a subwoofer and some headphones. I would record stuff in Cakewalk and use Acid loop software to arrange everything.

For the video, I used some found archival video footage and still photos.

You can listen or download this entire album for free here:

Thanks for listening. The

Thanks for listening. The whole Jonestown thing I suspect was a CIA backed MKUltra mind control experiment. Most people probably ran into the jungle to escape but were hunted down by US special forces reportedly in the area. The few survivors said they heard distant automatic weapon fire, yet nobody at Jonestown actually had machine guns. The majority of escapees were then forcibly injected with the cyanide at gunpoint. Many had hypodermic needle marks where they couldn't have possibly injected themselves. There were also drag marks on the ground around them, as they appeared piled on top of each other.

It's just inconceivable that so many people would all willfully get in line to drink poison. The instinct for self preservation would fundamentally prevent it.

Very good project

Very good project music....Terrible story

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