A little levity


For those familiar with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Suicidal Tendencies. Trying to get Ableton working again with Reaper as I suspect everyone, like myself, may have some extra free time on their hands.


Hey bear_scalpel, how are

Hey bear_scalpel, how are you doing?
I have been missing you!

So you replaced that ice cooled laptop,
and got that Absynth didnt you?

It is time for some new experimental sounds now.

Just try the latest reaper.
It runs realy well, with loads of Absynths.

Hope to hear you soon

If it's just to get in

If it's just to get in NINJAM, you don't need Reaper. JamTaba now exists - takes up more CPU, though.

Oh, you could also try ReWiring Reaper in on the master bus and using ReaNINJAM - I've not tried that.

Pljones, I was using an old


I was using an old version of Reaper with a project that Lvna had set up for me. Made the mistake of upgrading Reaper and it's never worked since... I'll give it another go, am familiar with the rearoute option, but not confident it's going to work.

Was using Ableton as the master, with loads of midi instruments VSTs etc, so not sure if that would work. Of course, could migrate everything to Reaper and use it as master, but literally have over a decade of midi instruments and all kinds of Ableton projects all set up the way I like :(

Let's see how I go. Have wanted to get back with the experimental crew, but always stymied when I take another run at it.

I was using Ableton before

I was using Ableton before getting on ninjam, just familiarity I guess.

It you're happy with Reaper

It you're happy with Reaper as the "master" DAW and only require audio transfer, it's fairly easy. Reaper supplies an ASIO driver (ReaRoute) you can use to connect in and out. It's an "optional" component, so you have to check you installed it. So you can set up Ableton to receive from Reaper, to stuff, send back to Reaper.

Sadly there's no MIDI equivalent built in.

Ableton with Reaper? Just

Ableton with Reaper?

Just curious why

Good luck Don with setting

Good luck Don with setting up, hope it works this time !

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