Little Black Dog, music by Jed, video by thenextday


It's a video about hanging in there no matter how bad you feel. Yes that is me acting.

Yes, great job!!!

Yes, great job!!!

I have probs only if people

I have probs only if people in this household wear some type of deodorant, I think it must be one of the chemicals which is in some shampoos and conditioners too it seems.
I can handle it once I'm used to it but then after time it wrecks me, so we become avoiding of some things we know set us off which ends up making things that didn't bother us before that to become a problem.
So I totally understand why she avoided it and it was good of you not thinking bad of her because she didn't want to enter your house.

That's a nice little hide away there. :)
Some have complained about google and its street level cams but I have to say I think it's brilliant. :)
I had to drive to a area I didn't know recently so I got it up on Google and went through the streets on that then when I did it for real I knew where I was going. :)

My friend Bruce her husband

My friend Bruce her husband built her this chemical free house in a place called The Promised Land near Coffs Harbour in Northern NSW. Last time i saw her she couldn't come into my house...which is pretty low tech because of things like the smell of deodorant and so on. man those were good times playing music with those this hidden valley in this huge farm workers ex lunch room...on about 40 acres.....absolutely magic every time we were ill show you...its a millionaires retreat now no doubt but in those days was a working tomato farm.

That white rectangle...i think is the shed we used to play in... 30 years ago...ahahah

here check this out when i was a kid this was still the post office

She worked a way to get

She worked a way to get round it yet?
On you tube someone mentions how it was for there son, but he seems ok now, I stopped smoking and had a chest infection but i think it was slowly creeping in, when i was younger i used to hold my breath walking behind cards and athma is with in people in my imediate family.
I think it's all linked and my view on it is it got worse when they started concentrating washing powders and conditioners for washing machines.
People just pour it in not realising that 1 bottle is actually now equivilent too 2 1/2 to 3 bottles.
I litrully pour in half to 1 cap full and that's enough, some people just fill up the trey.
I mention this mainly because they did have debates about it in the news at the time saying people would over use and more polute our waters.

For me sometimes its better than other, but i'm not sure how it's spelt but my limphnodes could be connected to it and I always seem a bit sore in that region of my body, but previously put it down to springs in the bed or laying on the sofa.

Gonna make another appointment soon and see if there's anyone who recognises it yet.

It's wierd though, i can go in a place that stinks of chemicals, odors ect and its not a prob, i come home and its on my clothes and sometimes I need to change.

I find cycling ...not huge

I find cycling ...not huge by cyclists standards but 40-50 kms in a session makes me feel good. andy i have a friend who was affected crop dusting in Mackay in Queensland and has to live in a house with no paint, no chemicals etc... her husband was the bass player in our first ever band...cancer got him...

Ok I didn't realise about

Ok I didn't realise about Jeds friend, sorry about that.
I also suffer from depression & stress, and have lived the illnesses from it. Stress is a very powerful thing and you can sit wondering how do others become like they are, then you get ill and realise.

I did wonder Next if you did, from your text sometimes you seem down but it's not something you can really just ask someone.
It's really good knowing there's other who also understand the problems we sufferers go through.

I think mine was mostly brought on by a thing called MCS and moving house and a business at the same time, I mostly have big problems with MCS, I fight through it all for my kids but MCS isn't recognised in some countries, they just think ya mad, but then most doctors over here put it down to madness when it comes to them doing some work. :)
I no longer look to what I haven't achieved, I look more at what I would have lost had I achieved it, this does help a lot.

But as you know the chemicals inside get a bit messed up when suffering with depression so sometimes no matter what state of mind you put yourself in it is still hard to snap out of it.
Excise really helps, but for some not enough, it looks like you do a gym Next, does it help?

Thanks Andy, As a depression

Thanks Andy,

As a depression sufferer myself it was pretty easy for me to do this. Anyone who wants a hand making videos please ask me... somehow this seems very right for me to be doing this right now. Why dont we make Ninjam the documentary? We all send our videos to a central point and edit it into a 30 minute documentary featuring all the jammers? I have thought about that one for quite a while now. One thing I feel is very important to note...and I am not sure that during all this discussion we have fully explained that this music and the video i did at Jed's request was driven by Jed's sad loss of a friend who took his own life in a moment of desperation.


Yeah Nexty I did think you

Yeah Nexty I did think you have some previous in editng, was some nice edits in there, especially the walking with cam to give walking effect (I'm sure most would hold cam steady which would make shot not work), and the hands on fence to show readiness then face to show angst.

Did you get lucky with the murky foggy day or notice it and pick ya shot?

Also I liked the end, the road to no where, might not be noticed by all though cos it was a quick shot, that's where it would be nice to rewind real life and go take some 2nd or 3rds of certain shots. :)
Its very hard to fully plan and invisage all of the scenes, I normlly have an idea of what I wanna get and try see what I got at the end, only pre planning a few shots.
So I really appreciate ya work and thought on this one, it's like a song, when ya have a idea it really makes for a better outcome.

Oh and ya didn't over act, which was good, so many times over acting can damping good editing but this one you did great. :D

Would be great idea making some music videos, it would just need some good ideas, like a mini script, not too obvious then maybe some idea's for music posted here.
Then an idea can be chosen, the type of music chosen then it remade by all us ninjamers.
Maybe we could aim the idea towards showing someone in the end finding NINJAM, get it know a bit but make an interesting video that people will watch.

Once the story board is there then roles can be filled and people can start filming, if it was also made in black and white then it will be easier to mix all the different video sources.

Camera tips could be given later, like providng good light source, outside or mirror light in from a window etc, focus too, oh ok I'm giving some now lol. :)

Your fault Next, :) this video is very inspirering. :)

Thanks herman -

Thanks herman - appreciated


Great Project! I really

Great Project!
I really liked this song and video! Really nice job.

Thanks Andy, I actually

Thanks Andy,
I actually trained in film when I first left school then got completely sidetracked (sidelined) in life. Anyone looking to make videos I would be more than happy to look at what you want to do. Cheers, Peter

Nice Jed, Next. :)

Nice Jed, Next. :)

No black sheep jokes ok ???

No black sheep jokes ok ??? Sorry Jed.

Interestingly Winston

Interestingly Winston Churchill suffered from depression and named his condition 'Black Dog', although the history of the phrase goes way way back.

Very clever dog pic Bilos!

Oh - and I'm from New Zealand :)


black dog

black dog ................
is what people call depression !
I think only valable in Australia this expression.
A sad story told in a clip. The music and the image are there to make better cross the feelings! Boo!
( Many fog in your country! )
Very beautiful music Jed and video work Thenextday
Thank you for that!
Bilos Strat.ø¤º°*°º¤ø

Thanks for listening and

Thanks for listening and watching Gerald!


Oooh ! This time, I just can

Oooh ! This time, I just can tell no humour but serious feeling...

Very good work for you both , Jed & Nexty.

There are so many people around us, depressed, in a bad mood, suffering....and very few of them are considered , listened to, understood....Damned unhuman selfish being we are!

So sad you lost your friend, Jed (my mum has this same disease)



thenextday - thanks for

thenextday - thanks for putting this up on ninbot.

It was written as a cathartic release from the pain I was feeling after having a close friend commit suicide as a result of chronic bipolar disease.

Valerian helped me find the words and nexty did the video. I hope you all feel the intent and enjoy the music.


Hiya Don i like vegas

Hiya Don i like vegas video... to me it feels like reaper. pete

Very good! Strong message

Very good! Strong message Jed, and nice playing, great editing, Pete!

Nice one. I'm a complete

Nice one. I'm a complete novice when it comes to making videos like this. What program do you use for editing the video?


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