Kabass, Lordy, Bruno - Ninbot online Jam


Jamming with great musicians on ninbot.



this too, will pass.
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.

Wonderful playing, but not

Wonderful playing, but not really a Ninjam, is it? The chord progression is complex, and bass and keys are playing right in synch with each other. You should rename the title of this post, and take out the "Ninbot online jam" phrase, it's misleading to beginners and simply untrue. Great bass playing, though.

wow man!! sweet bass playing

wow man!! sweet bass playing there... love your sound!

pour moi le meilleur

pour moi le meilleur bassiste de Ninbot
un jeu plein de nuances de précision
un son travaillé
de beaux effets
la classe !

Great playing guys and

Great playing guys
and perfect sound

Thanks everyone, it's my

Thanks everyone, it's my pleasure to play with all you.

Really one of the top events

Really one of the top events in ninjam play of the best
thank you for that)

so nice cool

so nice

Brilliantly executed. Wish

Brilliantly executed. Wish I was there

Thanks Klaus! in fact I

Thanks Klaus!
in fact I played with each musician separately and then I created a single backing track with them, so I made this video for youtube.
I hope other good musicians know and try the ninbot/ninjam.


Wow that was great!!! How

Wow that was great!!!

How can this be done with the limitation of the BPI???


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