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2006 Ninjam
2014 Ninbot "more and more IT technician, fewer musician"
2015 Ninbot How to really suck on guitar - the secret revealed!
2016 I'm still here LOL
2017 I'm still here LOL
2018 I'm still here LOL
Futur ..........................!?

Bilos . \(^o^)/

Vision 2017 end. When I

Vision 2017 end. When I compare the current mediated music to the mediated music of before, is this an impression where are we more and more subjected to the law of the programmed Obsolescence?

The music is much "used" in "musical background". We listen to it a lot less. It is "consumed" more.
We are therefore logically switched from "melodic" music to "ambient music".

The mediated music "from before" worked on a melodic line that was retained. Current music has an extremely short life span. In fact, we sell more the image of an artist than his production. We memorize Riahnna's ass more than she sings :)

Machines provide the groove and pitch the singers which gives them metallic voices.
Soloists are excluded because they shade the pseudo talent and low level skills.
Great composers are not of this generation. But people mixloops from material from the past.
the jams follow the same logic of obsolescence.

And how do you see this evolution?

Hi guys cro magnon I am and

Hi guys
cro magnon I am and I try to stand on my feet, sometimes hard to play with Neanderthal Men and their sticks!

Lately I have been thinking

Lately I have been thinking of the movie Idiocracy.

Mating with Neanderthals And

Mating with Neanderthals
And so would begin the most worshiped and hallowed day in America – BLACK FRIDAY.
Is what you thought about that Mutant?

Yet this still doesn't

Yet this still doesn't explain how we end up with Kanye, but Jaco gets his head stomped by some neanderthal in a Florida parking lot at 4 am.

During the Middle Ages, to

During the Middle Ages, to be a poor musician was a public offense and bad musicians were tortured.

That's one helluvua set of

That's one helluvua set of family jewels

Espèce en voie d'extinction

Espèce en voie d'extinction depuis les années 1990.

Bonne année le guitar hero

Bonne année le guitar hero