But it looks good haha


You've gotta love Gambale, one of the greatest technicians and musical minds with a sense of humor!

Evening Bilos, *Since you

Evening Bilos,

*Since you don't accept private messages

I think the administration had their own reasons to delete the thread, I didn't have to privately request the thread to be removed!

I don't disrespect your playing or abilities, neither do I disrepect you by calling you anything other than Bilos!

I like the pentatonic scales and I'm still not using them to the full capabilities. There's so much you can do with the pentatonics?

I'm glad you brought some of them old post up, I could do with deleting some of them, saves me a job! .. I think I will keep this one though ..

The sense of humour would be Frank's, I guess you don't get it?

you're not going to look

you're not going to look like this great guitarist!
You do not master the 1/1000 of his skills
And you do not have a sense of humor

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