Friday Night Jam Live 4th Feb 2017


Hiya, first off I apologize for the quality of the video, I eventually sorted it but maybe a bit too late in the day.
I'll go back to a more manual settings next week, these were the more automated settings and also software had an update.
In a quick test they were fine but not on the night. The bandwidth was fine but the restreamer which streams to other sites wasn't
happy with the settings.

I've had the flu all week so didn't' get to do normal testing before hand but this week I will find the optimal settings, if the restreamer
continues to kill the quality I'll look at other methods or just stream to a couple of places, Youtube and Twitch.

Was some great music and I hope I done it justice with mixing on the fly.

Tom has setup a rtmp server

Tom has setup a rtmp server so this will make the cam job simpler.
I setup one here to test and it worked good but it would be something else I'd have to manage whilst live. But now Toms setup a ninbot one we can just push our cams and mix them into any live feed.

Eventually this could lead to many more live streams of ninjam online.

I've made one good theme their for the live video and I will do more, then maybe later we can all share the live streaming job.
If anyone wants to get down obs studio and start setting up a theme or 2 it would be good. Just put spaces for 8 cams, a ninjam chat and web viewers chat area and I can add those bits in or give instruction how to.

Wow, really cool! -don

Wow, really cool!


one bit I found from this

one bit I found from this session sounds pretty good:

Seeing the musicians really

Seeing the musicians really is very good. Thanks Andy for more this technology.
I need buy a cam. :(

top job andy!

top job andy!

It's fine, Andy. Seeing each

It's fine, Andy. Seeing each other is really a whole new game. I love it!

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