FretLight FG-451 Pro (showing Am Blues Scale)

I use it mainly for

I use it mainly for improvising, it works in conjunction with various software to practice and study, the one I use is "Improviser" that plays a bunch of preset drills (each over 10 minutes), this in different styles and scales, it lights up the fretboard to show just individual positions or full scales and moves them around or changes them dynamically, great workout and brain opener, specially the complex modal drills and exotic scales. Besides that it is a very good quality guitar, fast neck and great sound, good looker too. Acute Dyslexia prohibits me from memorizing more than one scale in one key (and even that is not for the whole fretboard), without sounding too dramatic, this guitar saved my life.

Ohh it lights up to show

Ohh it lights up to show you scales and chords!
Thats cool. Is it easy to follow the lights?

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