Frenchtouch with my PRS


Little hello to all of you guys. See you next time.

Thanks Flip. Nice video Vio.

Thanks Flip.

Nice video Vio. This one is funny too, with a babygame

and here's a 3 year old

and here's a 3 year old playing Voyager
(helped a little by his dad)

HI. Good vibe and

Good vibe and play...wass fun!!!

Thanks Mutant, I appreciate.

Thanks Mutant, I appreciate. We did some great jam together ! Cya on ninjam

Greg, fantastic playing as

Greg, fantastic playing as always. We are all very lucky to get to jam with someone of your musicianship here on Ninjam. Thank you.

thanks Viotele

thanks Viotele

beautiful playing as always

beautiful playing as always

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