dirty secret


here's the reason my mixing board was cutting out.
It's been cleaned out and is working great now.

Wow, that's something. Do

Wow, that's something. Do you have a cat? :-)


PS - don't feel bad, I shudder to think what's in my mixer (second owner, was used for live sound in a club before that). I would just as soon bury it in the yard as open it up...

you crack me up m8.

you crack me up m8.

You know a lot of that comes

You know a lot of that comes from our body, if you had a few people visit, left it for a few million years you could grow a new species of humans. :P

But its just so liberating to clean it all off and have it like new again. :)

Good to hear it's working.

Good to hear it's working. My wife was complaining that computer keyboards are so hard to clean - still working as if only "men in lab coats used computers" were the gist of her words. Your mixer looks clean compared with my PC keyboard! :)

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