Digitsignal - Shadow Lands


Performed via Ninjam.

A DigItSignal track was

A DigItSignal track was played on this wonderful Dutch radio show 22nd Jan 2012, we are about 18 min in, enjoy...

Feels like we been at it for

Feels like we been at it for years. Some links here, not sure where the rest is.

Here is a useful site http://www.ubu.com/ for downloading Audio/video from or just browse.

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Playing while all watching

Playing while all watching the same movie or stream of images is a very interesting idea, an non-BPM/non-BPI way to achieve synchronization. How times have you tried it?

Thanks ! We play to old

Thanks !

We play to old films. To get the sound right we spend 1 hr before going live with a sound check. We also ask for feedback regarding audio/video from the audience (chat). There shouldn't be much levelling to do.

Yes. It's part of a 90 minutes soundtrack to the 1954 horror film Them.
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047573/ For some reason the film isn't synced to the sound and starts after 2½ minutes http://vimeo.com/30275572

Going back to the "Ideas to ninjam" thread we had recently, I never put what I think is important. Sound check. This is a great way to bond at the start of a jam.
(The way we play is different to a casual ninjam where it's not practical to stop and demand that players should adjust levels).

Also knowing we play for a set time (usually an hr) that allow the jam to find its own way without being forced. A bit like going to work, a job to do. Watching the film and
letting the jam develop.

There are no solos. It's all about being right behind each other to create new openings to work with. Most of us play several instruments so we can play a variety of textures, colours and moods.

Knowing that we have a tight group with an experimental mind helps too.

And listen, listen, listen to the others, jamming is working together.

That's the way it works for us.

The video is great too...

The video is great too... Was there much mixing after the jam? And was it a snippet of a longer jam?

Thanks Karl !

Thanks Karl !

Great! I like how this song

Great! I like how this song develops in the middle.

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