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Hi friends,

I (as many of you) have been sitting so many hours in front of my NINJAM-PC playing my guitar or sing some crazy lines, just improvising. With a little bit of reworking many tracks I recorded, had some moments of gold which I tried to put into a short final track. After years I enjoy listening to some of them, even the new ones :-)))

For me Ninjam and Ninbot is precious, because its unique. Please be constructive and keep respectfull to all who found a place here for worldwide musical collaboration.

Toni aka J_Kritz

joli travail de mix avec

joli travail de mix avec ninjam en plus je sais meme plus quand on a joue ce morceau

Great job. I would like to

Great job. I would like to have myself credited some day. But I think I will be always excluded from the mix. : /
I do what I like... : ) ... but I don´t like what I do... : /

Oh... der Herr Toni is auch

Oh... der Herr Toni is auch noch fest am ninjammen!! :-) Servas!
Vielleicht sieht ma sich ja wieder mal im virtuellen Jamraum!? LG

Nice jam guys!

nice job guys

nice job guys



HAhAahah - That could have

HAhAahah - That could have been much worse. Sorry Jarvis! Maybe one day, we'll do one at the right tempo (but I doubt it).

Bless you Kritz, the sentiments are agreed.

And this too, will pass.
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.

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