bb ninjam ;( I hope not for long


hi ! i hope you will repair

hi !
i hope you will repair that without pain .
But ... what kind of music do you play ?
I mean , what were you playing when the key broke ?
Never seen that before !

Edit :
Hey , i really like the sound ideas in that record from your duo with doublebass :
"Saturday, September 21, 2013 18:42

hey , wait : that session with violin is great too !! :
"Tuesday, September 24, 2013 13:25

Woaw ,cool !

Splinter it, find a thin

Splinter it, find a thin piece of hard ridged plastic, glue upper side half way and stick to underside of the part of the key that's left, when its gone off, hard, then glue between the break and the other half of the splinter, now the underside of the broken piece of key and push back in place.
What ever you use as a splinter make sure it doesn't obstructed the key pressing fully.

Good Luck!

PS: looking at the pic you might have plastic that hits down through the gaps to trigger the key.
If this is the case then leave them in tact then your have to cut a slit for the splinter to pass through, however this will make it more supported.
If you have a drill then get the smallest drill piece you have and drill a few holes to form a line.
Wood drill bits will get through but tend to get the plastic stuck in the grooves on the drill bit, but a metal drill bit would be better, the gold looking ones.

/me winces. That looks

/me winces.

That looks painful.

dam! I will miss you, man.

dam! I will miss you, man.

whale ivory is much better

whale ivory is much better anyways, order your replacement today!

D is overrated anyways...

D is overrated anyways...

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