Auvergne 2018

Auvergne piano panoramiquemood.jpg

Tu habites en Auvergne ?

Tu habites en Auvergne ?

Yeah i forget to thanks

Yeah i forget to thanks all the ninjam musicians !! without you guys ninjam will be nothing .... Hear you soon... :)

Ps a special thought for my friend Guyava

Top fun play in the

Top fun play in the mountains.. god bless ninjam for freedam home players... (GUYANA was the first to take picture in the sea playing bass)

Today people allways complain about ninjam but ninjam is a thrue miracle... top quality audio, top friends, top sounds and good vibes...

In this days tv dont dont have good music, radios, even mtv is death... people they love for be musicions and for music is a litle death... ninjam is the only hope and youtube for you love music!!!

i need your transportation contats because i go in september is vacanions and i need a company to bring my setup: acustics, guitars , bass....!!!!!!!!!!

Great View! Thanks for

Great View! Thanks for sharing and jamming!

Ahh...I can see the picture

Ahh...I can see the picture now. Looks like a touch of peaceful paradise, something we all need.

Thanks mutant. The jpeg

Thanks mutant. The jpeg must have been too big for ninbot . I reload a smaller one. Lets see....

I don't think the picture

I don't think the picture uploaded properly Db, currently I can't see anything in the browser. Just letting you know. Try uploading it again maybe?

Nice moment ..during holiday

Nice moment ..during holiday in mountain... ninjam in wifi, with my Zoom H4n recorder as soundcard , and it has worked :). Thanks ninjam and jamtaba ! B)

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