the acoustic drums


old buddy, but still great to play.

yea, very loud....that's why

yea, very loud....that's why i prefer play the computer

Nice to play but the volum

Nice to play but the volum is not too big ?

Ya, Bonham was definitely

Ya, Bonham was definitely rock solid.

I think I once read that he worked as a brick layer and had strong hands.

Although it also probably helps to use a 27 inch bass drum, which he did I believe.

However, I also read how once, perhaps at recording studio, someone tried to play his drums and couldn't pull that big sound out of his kit like he could.

thx for the

thx for the comparison!!!

but bonzo was right handed-----:(

the best.......imho....of all time....

i should say...the more complete rock drummer i've ever listened........every beat was the correct

That's cool you are a lefty

That's cool you are a lefty dude.

Many great drummers are, like for example Phil Collins I believe.

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