About Ninbot

Ninbot is a collaborative audio recording and broadcasting server allowing
musicians to perform live and broadcast to anyone willing to listen.

Ninbot Ninjam Servers

Ninbot has 4 Ninjam servers each able to handle 8 simultaneous connections


Ninbot Live Streams

Each of the live ninjam servers broadcasts
a live stream which can be listened to either
using ninbots built in flash player or
via your own mp3 player.

MP3 Streams
2049 http://ninbot.com:8000/2049.m3u
2050 http://ninbot.com:8000/2050.m3u
2051 http://ninbot.com:8000/2051.m3u
2051 http://ninbot.com:8000/2052.m3u

Ninbot Lounge

In addition to listening you can also chat with players
live on the server by going the apropriate flash lounge

Lounge URLS
2049 http://ninbot.com:2001/
2050 http://ninbot.com:2002/
2051 http://ninbot.com:2003/


Every jam played on Ninbot is recorded
and available for download or listening via
the built in player. All recordings on
Ninbot are Licensed under the Creative Commons
2.5 License.

Ninbot Music Player


The Ninbot Music player allows for simple
editing. To cut a track down to the best
part, just click the "Edit" button.

To listen to edits made by users check
out the Edit playlist.



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