5 watt tube amp DIY


1 Sovtek 12AX7
1 Dario Miniwatt EL84

Interesting project ! If you

Interesting project ! If you want build this amp look the power transformer. In the shematic it's a Hammond 269EX, work 110 volt (american standard) but if your electric country work with 240 volt as in France, you can take Hammond 369EX and change capacitors and resistors. ; )

What you think about this

What you think about this amp http://www.ax84.com/hioctane.html ?

Thank you Bilos and Theo !!!

Thank you Bilos and Theo !!! It's my first amp diy and i'm very happy.
For shematic and inspiration :


next project :



J'adore ce que tu as fait!

J'adore ce que tu as fait! J'ai la même passion que toi du fer à souder.
Et surtout le son analogique avec les lampes il y a pas mieux pour jouer de la guitare.
Curieux aussi d'entendre un échantillon de son...A+

Great looking amp!

Great looking amp! Congratulations. Will you upload sound samples? Is amp based on peavey schematic?

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