2017 Jam Ritual & Bilos : Remembering Peace Love Light


Already 1 year that Ritual has left us.
I was sensitive to Mutant's post, and it made me want to make a contribution.
I hope this video will remind you of your memory with Ritual.
I wanted to make a jam with the backing track of Ritual.
This is my first video I created with Video Maker.
The soundtrack was worked with Mackie Tracktion T5.
The first part and the first solo I left Ritual ahead and just brought a slight rhythmic to give shine.
On the second part which is a BT to jam in loop:
Ritual recorded the bass, drums, and guitar that made a riff.
I added a light rhythm just to underline the harmonies because the bass was not enough, and recorded a simple solo with a few arpeggios
Enjoy it

I already voted and left a

I already voted and left a comment in the you tube text box !!!
Beautiful concept !!!
Congratulations to those involved !!!

Regardless Bilos, it was

Regardless Bilos, it was nice of you to take the time to contribute to this. I hope to work on it more soon and maybe try to add some drums even. I will let you know.

It's just appalling of

It's just appalling of stupidity! An idiot who put a negative thumb on something he will never understand.
Einstein said it well: it is human stupidity that gives the best idea of the infinite ...
It does not matter, it would be a sign of intelligence that he withdraws it. THX

I couldn't help but to

I couldn't help but to notice that someone apparently took the time to down-vote in fact both of these videos, therefore I can only wonder if this person is from the Ninbot community. If so, then unfortunately I think that ideally they should not realistically ever even attempt to play a musical instrument or express themselves artistically in any truly meaningful way and instead leave stuff like that to people with actual souls. Because nowadays there's already seemingly way too many posers making music for completely wrong and essentially shallow reasons. In the words of Jimmy Durante "Everybody wants ta get inta the act!".

I completely redo this video

I completely redo this video with Vegas and rendered in HD.
There is no more transition problem.

Sounds great Bilos, I sent

Sounds great Bilos, I sent you a PM with my email. Hopefully I can try to add your isolated part along with any others that people may also wish to add.

Take care,

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